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Southeast Minnesota Chapter of the American Guild of Organists

New Pipe Additions for Congregational Church

16 Apr 2004 2:24 PM | Dawn Daehn (Administrator)

This past summer a number of new pipe additions, together with a new Positiv division, have been added to the Reuter Organ at Rochester's Congregational Church. When the church's instrument was installed in 1990, needed funds were not available for a complete three-manual organ, but two SE MN AGO members - Marian Block, the church's organist for over thirty-five years, and Eric Hepp, associate organist - wisely consoled the congregation to prepare for an instrument of their dreams. With the appointment of "Jeff" Davis as head organist in the Fall of 2000, fund raising for completing the organ was begun in earnest under the joint leadership of both Marian and Eric.

Concert performs on the Hinners at Madonna Towers, Rochester, MNNot only have many new pipes been added to the instrument, but an updated multi-level combination system and "tracker touch" keying action have also been added.

The newly installed pipes have doubled the instrument's foundation and softer tonal colors, together with a beautiful French 8' Flute harmonique for the Great Organ. Stops controlled from unit chests were greatly expanded to play on additional divisions at various pitches, which included the Swell 16' Fagot being able to play at 32' pitch and the Flute harmonique to play at 2' pitch in the Pedal.

Steve Barnhardt, Minneapolis representative for Reuter, was in charge of the installation and was assisted by Eric Hepp. William Klimas, vice-president and tonal director of Reuter completed the instrument's tonal finishing.

The recently enlarged organ can be heard on Sunday, May 16, at 4:00 p.m. in a concert to be given by Peter DuBois, Rochester, New York.

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